Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You feel irritated by the the blue bar that appears at the top of your blog on Well there is a way to remove the Navbar. If you are on my blog page then you can see that there is no Navbar.

Before removing let me justify the reason for removing it:
a) There is a self promotional link back to blogger. Not required.
b)Next Blog button takes users to another blog that is random in nature which may or may not have any relation to someone is reading on yourblog.
c) The Navbar is an eyesore and does not gel with your blog layout.
d) You want your blog to be yours with everything on the page as you want it. Nothing should be forced upon you.

- Get to your Dashboard by logging into blogger.
- Then goto Layout>Edit HTML and enter the following code:

#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

You can add it anywhere. For convenience add it just before *Variable Definitions.

You should be good to go after this. It barely takes a minute.

I know this is a departure from what I usually write on this blog but I felt that it is something useful and gives you more control over the blog.

Let me know if there is any trouble doing this.


Amit Gupta said...

thanks been lookin for this for quit some time now

Sudeep Patnaik said...

Cool... share it... post a link to it on ur blog... will return the favor...

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Tutor Di said...

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