Monday, August 10, 2009

It just becomes more and more insane. First it was Australia refusing to play a Davis Cup tie in Chennai because of security fears and now it's the perennial cry babies England.

After pulling out from the World Badminton Championships 2009 citing security concerns on the threat issued by the extremist organization, Britain has just showed to us how out of tune with reality they are. There has to be some ulterior motive for them pulling out. In the case of the Aussies it seems that the thought of playing in the Chennai heat made them realize that there was no way they could win so very conveniently they brought up the security issue. I am trying to figure out what motives do the cry babies have.

Do the terrorists even know that England has a badminton team?

What about the other countries who continue to participate in the tournament? Is the security not up to the mark for them?

Britain needs a dose of reality and some less egoistic bureaucrats in their foreign office.

We need to dish out some of this stuff to Britain. Quid pro quo is the order of the day.

Otherwise at this tournament India is really pinning its hopes on Saina Nehwal to show her blistering form and improve on it to launch an attack on the World crown. World No 6 at the age of 19. Wow. She is truly a prodigy; she can only improve from here.


England seems to have some egg on face, lot of explanations are coming up including one from Badminton

William Hague, the opposition Conservative Party's shadow foreign secretary and a senior British politician commented "Wherever possible we should err on the side of going ahead with normal life, in the face of terrorist threat"

(Sidenote: There has never been any threat in Hyderabad and is far from the sea and what not)

Thomas Lund of the Badminton World Federation said: "It's unfortunate that the English team made their decision before we had an opportuinity to properly brief the team management.""

I feel that next time if any such thing happens then the country pulling out should be barred from the next major tournament provided that the apex body of the sport finds the situation safe as it was in the case of the Davis Cup tie and here too.


Anonymous said...

Not Britain as a whole mate, just the England part of it - or more specifically the English Badminton team. The majority of us here are disgusted by them whiners as well. Wales and Scotland has not pulled out, and they also represent GB.

Sudeep Patnaik said...

I stand corrected... I meant England. But it is England as a whole, for the British Consulate gave them the go ahead to pull out

Candid Confessions of a Cacophonic Construer said...

Good work. Though I would have loved a little more word play on the "First World" angle to it. Do you think you could post a blog sometime soon talking about that? would like to hear some opinions on it.